Dancing My Rainbow Serpent /or/ How To Awaken Shakti In Me

This durational work with the working tiles ‘Dancing My Rainbow Serpent’ / How To Awaken Shakti In Me’ is under construction since about a year, when I inherited a huge pile of wool from an elder woman. The idea of creating a solo/duo for a woman and a snake came to me soon after and touched me deeply. Since than I keep on developing the concept while I am knitting the snake.

In ongoing circles.

It makes sense to me, that this creation needs time, and also that it is an intimate process of giving birth, that I mostly do on my own. In be tween I wanna touch ground by processing it in the outside world, so I am knitting on different locations and with different masks (until I can be naked with it 😉 )

Open Ateliers, Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam, Juni 2018


Jetlag Festival, ADM Amsterdam, July 2018