Dancing My Rainbow Serpent /or/ How To Awaken Shakti In Me

This durational work with the working tiles ‘Dancing My Rainbow Serpent’ / How To Awaken Shakti In Me – a solo/ a duo’ is under construction since about a year, when I inherited a huge pile of wool from an elder woman. The idea of creating a solo/duo for a woman and a snake came to me soon after and touched me deeply. Since than I keep on developing the concept while I am knitting the snake.

In ongoing circles.

It makes sense to me, that this creation needs time, and also that it is an intimate process of ‘giving birth’ to that creature, that I mostly do on my own. In be tween I wanna touch ground by processing it in the outside world, so I am knitting on different locations and with different masks (until I can be naked with it 😉 )

Open Ateliers, Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam, Juni 2018


Jetlag Festival, ADM Amsterdam, July 2018