drump potato



As many others I got slightly frustrated on what is happening in this world. Politics seem like a repetitive game to me and being engaged in that, did not feel satisfying anymore. That is why I switched to voodoo.

Please feel free to take this project as inspiration and make your own deep fried fries. Together we can have some impact!

Drump Potato was performed during US election night on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.

In the first place it did not seem to be of any significance, but looking at the continuation of the product, I see we have a chance! After a few weeks he just fell apart, he turned out to be empty and rotten from inside and is just broken to pieces by now.

Let’s keep up spirt!

Change is possible!




to make your own you need:

  • potato
  • small knife
  • oil
  • pot or deep fryer

create a space for your ritual where you can be comfortable and focused for some time. prepare the pot with enough oil to drown your object in later. cut the potato into the shape you wanna deep fry. while cutting you concentrate on what exactly you wanna deep fry, imagine characteristics/expressions/behaviour clearly. it’s not so important that the potato really turns out similar to what you imagined, just keep the right mindset and create a shape. when you know you are there with it, turn on the fire and heat up the oil, while giving some more intention and awareness in all your actions. drown the potato and let it fry until it has the right oily-golden colour or even until it’s a oily black ball of coal.

You can eat and digest your drump potato later, but I preferred to let it rot away (does not take long!).

Have fun and enjoy!