rain skirts


Through theatrical work, yoga and massage ‘bodyawareness’ is becoming more and more important to me.  I develop the ‘bodyprints’ with a holistic idea behind them, they are ment to support you not only in your physical but also in your mental and emotional being. In that sence I wish my shirts to change your awareness a little by making something from the inside visible to the outside. I hope like that they will support you in growing what is important for you, that they can make you stronger or lighter, playful or more vulnerable, lift you up… whatever it is you need now, if you can find it in an object and wear it on your body as a symbol, I belief it can transform your life!

every image is silk-printed and sewed individually by me on ecological shirts of various colors, so they are all different. I exchange them for biological food, making my taxes, money, a real van of the fire-fighters, silkscreen or jewelry tools/materials, a trip to the countryside, a conzert, massage …,
feel always free to give more.


the spine is made to keep you upright, true, stable and flexible…
it works against back-pain and to get aware about the chakras…


the lungs are about breathing, giving and taking, flow, rising and falling…
it’s good to stop smoking, supportive in general times where you have to breath through or must not forget to breath,
so it also works against fear and all discomforts…


coming soon…


I also make special prints/embroidery for special wishes and needs (did already appendix, womb, shoulder-blades, kidneys… always open for new… just let me know!)

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