“…first, that we recognize space as the product of interrelations; as constituted through interactions, from the immensity of the global to the intimately tiny.”

Second; that we understand space as the sphere of possibility of the existence of multiplicity in the sense of contemporaneous plurality; as the sphere in which distinct trajectories coexist, as the sphere of coexisting heterogeneity. Without space, no multiplicity; without multiplicity; no space.

Third, that we recognize space as always under construction. Precisely because space on this reading is a product on relations-between, relations that are necessarily embedded material practices which have to be carried out, it always in the process of being made. It is never finished; never closed. Perhaps we can imagine space as simultaneity of stories-so-far.”

Doreen Massey, on the assumptions of Space

50 ways to love your monster

stage and costumes



stage and costumes





de dingen


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